Chase K.

Campus Guides/Ambassador at Lake Tahoe Community College

Class of 2020

Hometown: South Lake Tahoe, CA

Major: Anthropology

Secondary Major: English

Minor: Creative Writing

Why did you choose LTCC?

I chose LTCC because they are an affordable choice compared to other colleges and they offer some of the best programs here in Lake Tahoe!

What's your favorite class or professor?

My favorite classes have to be the anthropology classes and the English classes. I love the anthropology classes here because I get to learn where we came as a species and how we have evolved over the millions of years and I love the English classes here because I love reading and writing stories and I get to learn new ways to learn and write.

What makes LTCC different?

What makes LTCC different from most schools is that LTCC forces on student success. Everyone here at LTCC wants to help its students to become the best that they can be, and they are more than willing to go that extra mile to make sure that the student’s achieve greatness moving forward in their education.

How have you changed since becoming a Coyote?

I have become a new person coming to LTCC! When I first started here, I was really shy and I did not know what major I wanted to do. Now I am in my third year here at LTCC, I am the president of a club, I found a major that I am very interested in and I know everyone here on campus! I pushed myself to out of my shell here and I am having an amazing time here!

I'm passionate about...

Video Gaming playing the guitar Writing

I'm involved with...

Student Senate of LTCC Circle K International
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