Daniel G.

Campus Guides/Ambassador at Lake Tahoe Community College

Class of 2020

Hometown: South Lake Tahoe, CA

Major: History

Secondary Major: Political Science

Why did you choose LTCC?

The reason I chose LTCC is because of how supportive the enrollment services staff and counseling were when I first enrolled. I was contemplating whether to seek higher education or keep working minimum wage with no real skills or trade. The staff in enrollment services were very helpful every step of the way of the application process and the counselors were very insightful about my many pathways to a higher educational career. It is a disheartening decision to pursue higher education as a high school drop out and an even more intimidating decision to commit to higher education. The quality of service LTCC staff provide is what makes this campus student friendly and student oriented.

What makes LTCC different?

Julie Booth is what makes LTCC different. Who is Julie Booth you may ask? And what does she have to do with making LTCC different? To answer both of these great questions, Julie Booth happens to be the Student Life and Outreach Coordinator, which entails to her being my boss, mentor, ally, and to be real with you my homie. If it were not for her I would have idly gone through my time here at LTCC. My point being, it is individuals like her that go above and beyond to help students feel welcomed and safe as well as making profound impact in their lives, potentially yours as well, and on campus. So I invite you to come check out LTCC and pick up your golden ticket in student services to begin your journey as a coyote with Julie Booth as the host alongside her amazing team of ambassadors and those in one-stop services!

How have you changed since becoming a Coyote?

I feel I have changed on many levels since becoming a Coyote. But my most notable change came through the Student Ambassadorship program we have on campus. The Ambassadorship program was very instrumental in not only introducing me to but also allowing me to work with multiple departments on campus. This allowed for me to enrich my experience as a coyote and ultimately provide the necessary change for me to become a leader for student life and outreach. Some of my roles on campus as a student leader include being a member of multiple clubs. Those clubs being The H.O.P.E. Club, Coyote Conversation Club, Circle K Club, Outdoor Adventure Club and most notably Student Senate. As a part of Student Senate, I have the privilege of having been elected as the Student Senate Parliamentarian. My duties and responsibilities as Student Parliamentarian include knowing the Lake Tahoe Community College Constitution, Student Senate by Laws and chairing the Student Senate Meetings. My overall experiences at LTCC helped me not only become more involved and engaged but also become a leader by taking an initiative to help others succeed as well.

I'm passionate about...

Soccer ⚽️ Basketball 🏀 Social Justice One Piece enchiladas Wu-Tang

I'm involved with...

Outdoor Advebture Club Circle K Club H.O.P.E Club Coyote Conversation Club Student Senate of LTCC
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