Julie B.

Campus Guides/Ambassador at Lake Tahoe Community College

Class of 2013

Hometown: South Lake Tahoe, CA

Major: Natural Science & Math

Why did you choose LTCC?

I chose LTCC because I wanted small class sizes where I felt like I could get to know my faculty and truly learn the information. Being in a class of 100 (or more) seemed like I’d feel like a small fish in a big sea, and I wanted to ensure that I was successful in college, especially since I was the first in my family to go. I am so glad I went to LTCC because I was able to connect with my teachers, get to know the students in my classes and be more successful. LTCC also offers a TON of services to help students get to graduation day, and yes, transfer to the school of our dreams!

What's your favorite class or professor?

My favorite class was Zoology. LOVED IT! Although I am no great science major, it really expanded my love for nature and for all things natural in science! My favorite class professor? Can I only pick one? Here are a few of the amazing people who shaped my life at LTCC. -Sue Kloss, Wynn Walker, Beth Marinelli-Laster, Pete Dixon, Anne Zacovik, and my counseling faculty! LOVE YOU ALL!

What makes LTCC different?

What makes us different is the small class sizes and belonging to something more. Everyone on campus gets to know you and they are there every step of the way to support you. From a food pantry to book lending and all of the events on campus, there is plenty to do and see. It also doesn't hurt that we get to live in one of the most beautiful places on the planet. You too will LOVE this campus. We have Coyote Pride and our campus shows it. All of the teachers truly care about making a difference in your life, both for your career and educational goals, but also as mentors.

How have you changed since becoming a Coyote?

I am a first generation college student and getting my degree and transferring from LTCC changed my life. I am so proud to be an alumni, and I also am extremely proud to work here. I have created a life for myself that I would have never dreamed possible without my degree and I share this accomplishment with my children to encourage them to stay in school and go to college. Working on campus has also given me the opportunity to connect with students who are struggling and to encourage them to stick with it, one class at a time!

I'm passionate about...

Coyotes Sports Environmental Sustainability Diversity Social Justice LTCC Higher Education Snowboard Waterskiing Paddleboarding Tacos enchiladas Love to explore music genres Food

I'm involved with...

Community Volunteer Work HOPE Club Student Senate of LTCC ALLY Club Circle K Club
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