Tim A.

Campus Guides/Ambassador at Lake Tahoe Community College

Class of 2019

Hometown: San Jose, CA

Major: Criminal Justice

Secondary Major: Psychology

What's your favorite class or professor?

There are so many instructors here at LTCC that helped shape my education. I can truly say i'm thankful for all of them. Without them I would not be the person I am today. They really did help me find myself and voice by encouraging me to stand up for what I believe in, even if it differs from their own beliefs. The one professor in particular that helped me the most is Suzanne Roberts, she is my favorite. She was such an amazing teacher, and what she has taught me about life goes well beyond the classroom. She pushed me and motivated me when I felt like giving up, and showed me with a hard work ethic I can achieve my goals. She is one of the main people that encouraged me to push forward no matter how difficult it may seem. I know everyone's experience is different. If you have any points of interests or would like to information about different departments please feel free to reach out to me. We have an amazing group of educators here and I would be more than happy to direct you their way.

Why did you choose LTCC?

To be honest I did not choose LTCC. When I first came to this college I was mortified on how small the town was. Coming from the bay area I thought to myself that I would never fit in, or I was constantly going to be bored in my new surrounding. Well to say the least I was wrong. Since moving here my whole outlook on life changed. I went from living through social media to actually living my life and making real life connections with some pretty amazing people. Granted some of the activities I was used to was no longer an option, but this gave me an opportunity to focus on my education and find myself and what motivates me. And with Reno being a 45 minute drive away I'm still close to a city when I miss the feeling of my hometown. So all in all I can say that I didn't choose LTCC it chose me.

How have you changed since becoming a Coyote?

Change is always hard to see in ones self. It's not until people tell you how different you are now compared to when you were younger that you sit back and reflect on this statement. With being a transplant to Lake Tahoe this is always the case for me. Whenever I run in to old friends from my hometown they quick to tell me how much I changed, and how it is all for the better. They say the way I speak and carry myself is very different compared to my younger self. I started to think about this and it's absolutely true. I can say without a doubt that since becoming a coyote I have broken through my comfort zone when it comes to speaking on things I am passionate about. My education has helped shape my attitude and stance towards topics I care about, and has given me the tools to make a difference in my life and my community. Since becoming a coyote I feel I have become more dedicated, outgoing, and compassionate. To sum it all up I think becoming a coyote has made me a better person.

What makes LTCC different?

There are many things that make LTCC different than most campuses. One of the things you will notice right off the bat is the size of the campus. We are a lot smaller than your typical college, but I find this to our benefit. Not only are the classes smaller which allows you to get good seating in your classes and a personal touch, but the instructors are more open to help you if have any questions about the material.They really get to know all their students and help in any way that they can. Another thing different about our campus is the amount of help and support that is offered to the students. I can make a laundry list of all the things offered whether it be financial help or tutoring, but there are so many that I do not want to leave anyone off the list. So if you are interested or have any questions feel free to send me an email and ask, I'm always here to help.

I'm passionate about...

1990's rap :) Hockey Football Tacos Playing Basketball

I'm involved with...

Student Senate of LTCC Circle K Club Coyote Conversation Club
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